Bucs Rookie Mike Evans Choke Slams Terrence Newman on Block (Video)

Mike Evans

Mike Evans apparently was never taught that rookies need to bow down before the veterans on the field.

As the Bucs took on the Bengals, Mike Evans put on a pretty impressive show on how to block as a wide receiver. He worked hard blocks, fast blocks, and rapid, pestering blocks. He was like the Bubba Gump of blocks.

And sometimes, those blocks went in the direction of cornerback Terrence Newman, who was at one point hit with a block from Evans that lifted him up and slammed him to the ground.

Here’s the video of Mike Evans having his way with one of the more established defensive backs in the NFL:

It’s like watching a hypnotic video over and over again. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. It never stops.

While the efforts of Mike Evans were likely not in vain, the Bucs weren’t able to upset the favored Bengals. But, in terms of games within the game, Evans definitely got the best of Newman.

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