Muhammad Ali Selfie Proves He’s The Greatest of All-Time at Selfies (Photo)

Muhammad ali selfie louisville

Oh, Champ! This Muhammad Ali selfie demonstrates to the masses that he’s a timeless legend in addition to showing the world that he’s a fan of both Louisville (no surprise there) and selfies (some surprise there). He’s looking pretty damn good, if I may say so.

While the champ has been living a largely private life in recent years, you’ll be happy to know that this was posted on his Instagram, so he’s not staying TOO private.

#Louisville Game Day! Go Cards!

Uma foto publicada por Muhammad Ali (@muhammadali) em

The awesome Muhammad Ali selfie above was taken by the GOAT himself (as selfies normally are), in what I presume is his home.

If you weren’t sure about the powers that Muhammad Ali still had after all these years, you should know that Louisville defeated Kentucky 44-40. And those 4 points is exactly the boost that I would expect a team to have after a Muhammad Ali selfie in their team’s colors.

He’s the champ for a reason, folks. That doesn’t go away.


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