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Seahawks’ Ricardo Lockette Flop Is Something Out Of This World (Video)

by: Danny Gallagher On  Sunday, December 7, 2014


If ESPN was at all interested in making people care about their meaningless awards show, they should tack on a few extra categories for athletic moments like Best Drug Related Incident, Best Inappropriate Tweet ,and Best On-Field Flop. That day may never come, but if they decided to do it next year, we would have a guaranteed winner in the latter category.

It’s the Ricardo Lockette flop from today’s game between the Seahawks and Eagles, which can only be described as a Sir Lawrence Olivier-grade flop. He doesn’t even come into contact with the Eagles player, but he somehow manages to defy every law of space, time, and physics by flying back as if he is magnetically opposed to him. The only thing that’s missing is the sound of a cartoon spring and some canned studio laughter. It looks like some kind of failed trust fall.

Someone took the Ricardo Lockette flop and set it to Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber.”  Here’s the result:

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Of course, flopping is far from a new trend in sports. Hell, it’s practically an intramural sport in the NBA and FIFA.

Lockette’s fall, however, seems to bring a new appreciation for the art of taking a fall. It’s like watching some kind of interpretive dance—if you ignore the fact that you’re watching someone who gets paid a ton of money to do such a thing for a living.