LA Galaxy Celebrate MLS Championship with a Terrible Slip n’ Slide (Video)

LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy won Sunday’s MLS championship game over the New England Revolution by a score of 2-1 in extra time, so it’s understandable that the team was a little fired up and excited over their success. What’s far less understandable is the outlet they constructed to channel that jubilation.

The LA Galaxy took to their locker room to make a slip n’ slide for the players to slide on. That’s weird, but not totally foreign. Athletes have a well-documented love of slip n’ slides that harkens back to baseball rain delays. But this was a very, very, very ghetto slip n’ slide that the LA Galaxy made for themselves.

In fact, “made” may be too generous. They dumped a bunch of liquid on the ground. Then they belly-flopped on it.


I guess the best way to celebrate a soccer championship is by systematically crushing a team member’s sternum and ribs on a concrete floor.

Everything about this is pretty lame. Why are the surrounding players squatting? Why are they doing this at all?

You’re on a championship sports team in LA. Shower up, get on a party bus, and go to the club. Don’t be stupid.

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