Rare Raiders Win Leads to Tony Sparano Gatorade Shower (Video)

tony sparano gatorade shower

Gatorade showers usually occur after important wins. However, important is a relative term. What’s important to me is not necessarily important to you. And what’s important to a bad team is not necessarily important to a good team.

For example, a good team like the New England Patriots wouldn’t be very excited about winning their second game 14 weeks into the season. If they somehow did become the laughing stock of the NFL, they would never want to draw attention to this fact. But the Oakland Raiders? They are absolutely terrible, and they have no pride whatsoever. For them, win number two is important.

Ergo this Tony Sparano Gatorade shower:

Then again, judging by the look of contempt on the face of Antonio Smith, it’s quite possible that this is an ironic Gatorade shower. Like, “Here’s your godd**n Gatorade shower motherf**ka, don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. B***h.”

In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s actually what it was. Literally no one was smiling.

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