Cam Newton Car Crash: Panthers QB Taken on Stretcher (Pics + Vids)

There isn’t a whole lot of new out yet regarding the Cam Newton car crash that took place earlier today in the Uptown area of Charlotte, North Carolina.

What we do know if that the Panthers’ quarterback was involved in a two-car crash, one of the vehicles appeared to have flipped during the wreck, and Newton had to be loaded onto a stretcher and taken in an ambulance.  We know this thanks to the tweets and videos below.

The first tweet shows a black pickup truck flipped on its side near the I 277. The second shows Cam Newton being loaded onto a stretcher by firemen and paramedics who were on the scene:.  Here are all the images of the Cam Newton Car Crash

And here’s a video of Newton being taken away:

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As well as footage of Newton’s truck being pulled from its side by a tow truck:

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That’s all we know for now, but we’ll be sure to update you as we continue to find out more about the Cam Newton car crash.

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