Badass Indianapolis Colts Mascot Shoves, Tackles, and Taunts a Bunch of Little Kids (Video)

indianapolis colts mascot blue

Do not cross Blue, the Indianapolis Colts mascot. He is one badass mother-shut-your-mouth and, if needed, he will mess you up.

Just look at the carnage he inflicted on Sunday. While Andrew Luck and the boys were off in Cleveland beating the Browns, Blue was in Minnesota taking part in the “Mascot Challenge” during halftime of the Vikings-Jets game.

What is the mascot challenge? It’s a football game between a bunch of mascots and a local pee-wee team. Viktor the Viking was there, obviously. So was Goldie the Gopher from the U of M, TC from the Twins, Herky the Hawk from the University of Iowa, Freddie the Falcon from the Atlanta Falcons, and Sheboygan the Sausage from Sheboygan Sausage. But it was Blue the Indianapolis Colts mascot who dominated.

Take a look:

Those kids are going to have nightmares about Blue for a long time. He’s basically the Ndamukong Suh of mascots. Some people call it dirty. I call it gritty.

Keep up the good work, Blue.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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