Jon Lester Tweets Back Nice Things to Angry Red Sox Fans

jon lester tweets

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a hometown favorite. So these Jon Lester tweets in response to those critical of his departure to the Cubs hopefully make his departure a little easier for the fans, while also sharing his point of view on the matter. Twitter isn’t always known for its gracious, patient users, yet these Jon Lester tweets turn the other cheek to vocal, harsh critics, helping him keep this bridge intact, rather than burning it.

Lester left the Red Sox on what many thought was a temporary basis to give the A’s some sizzle late last season. However, he declined to return to Boston this off-season. Instead, he signed with the Cubs and even though the two teams aren’t in direct competition, Boston isn’t living in its grace period any more, having endured a tough season and scrapping for a chance to get back to their old form. So losing Lester is a major blow in that regard.

The Jon Lester tweets demonstrate grace and class on his part. He didn’t have to say a damn thing, but he chose to in an effort to, yes, preserve his reputation, but also put his (former) fans at ease.

Here are a bunch of the tweets:

Classy stuff, Jon.

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