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Nike LeBron 12 Theft Results in 7,500 Missing Pairs of Shoes

by: Penn Collins On  Saturday, December 13, 2014
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LeBron 12 theft

A LeBron 12 theft, Ocean’s 11-style, has caused 7,500 pairs of the Nike basketball shoes to go missing while sneakerheads everywhere pat themselves with a damp towel to calm down.

The Memphis man behind the heist differs from Danny Ocean in one regard: He got arrested for it. Also, he’s probably not George Clooney. But it would be awesome if he was.

The LeBron 12 theft took place at a freight depot in November, in which an employee used their access to lift a container of shoes, worth approximately $1.5 million. The man, Charles Jennings, is currently free on $75,000 bond, and will get his day in court in early 2015. It’s not reported whether or not he posted bond with $75,000 worth of LeBron 12 sneakers, so we’ll assume that he didn’t.

When the haul was recovered, about 700 pairs were missing, meaning he may have made up to $100k selling just those shoes. Not bad for a crooked day’s work.

Here is a picture of the LeBron 12s. If you see anyone wearing these, handcuff them, and call the police, because they are definitely a criminal:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.27.14 PM