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Detroit Lions Tailgating Takes a Perverse Turn with Butt-Licking (Photo)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, December 15, 2014
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Detroit Lions Tailgating

It’s my pleasure to report that amid all the Detroit Lions tailgating, two people fell in love. Or…something. This image shows what is very clearly and undeniably one person eating (not literally) the butt of another person in the parking lot of a bar near Ford Field. A great day for sports.

No context. No genders. No nothin’. Just two people expressing their love and/or enthusiasm for Detroit Lions tailgating and Detroit Lions football by licking butts.

There are lots of jokes to be made here. Jokes about tailgating, jokes about which teams are so bad that watching them is like licking a butt (Redskins and Raiders, btw), and certainly jokes to be made about the poor guy who owns the car that this happened on.

Here’s the FULL pic. You’re welcome:


For a second, I thought that someone was in the driver’s seat of that grey car, up close and personal with the events at hand. THAT would be pretty traumatic.

Ok. Let’s all be done with this now. For the love of all that is holy and clean.