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John Wall Curses a Storm about the Refs Favoring Chris Paul (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Sunday, December 14, 2014
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John Wall curses

In the Wizards-Clippers game last night, John Wall curses a blue streak to no one in particular in response to perceived favoritism for Chris Paul by the refs. I would post exactly what John Wall curses here, but I’d rather not go to jail for a hate crime or obscenity.  So I’ll just let the poster of the Vine do the heavy lifting here, as well as thank him or her for the lip-reading.

Here’s a clip of John Wall mumbling what he really thinks the refs are doing to Chris Paul (hint: It’s sexual and vulgar.):

This type of language is really better-suited to a private suggestion box or one of those surveys that ask “How can we, as NBA refs, serve you better?”

Also, I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t Kobe Bryant that said this while wearing a John Wall mask and uniform. I mean, this is the most Kobe thing to say ever, and it would be par for the course this week, right?