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The Bengals Trolled Johnny Football with the Manziel Money Sign All Day (Videos)

by: Esteban On  Monday, December 15, 2014

bengals taunt johnny manziel with manziel money sign

When Johnny Manziel was in college, we only saw the Manziel money sign after Texas A&M touchdowns. And there were a lot of Texas A&M touchdowns in those days.

Now that Mr. Football is in the NFL, things are different. We’re still seeing the Manziel money sign quite a bit when the kids plays. However, it’s not coming after Cleveland touchdowns, but after Drake’s BFF gets sacked by the opposing team.

Such was the case yesterday against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the first regular season start of his NFL career, Manziel didn’t get the Browns into the endzone. Hell, he didn’t even get them into field goal range long enough to kick a three-pointer. The Browns lost 30-0. But Manziel did get sacked three times, so we still got to see the Manziel money sign.

Here’s the first one of the day, courtesy of Wallace Gilberry:

After the game, Johnny Football said he didn’t notice Gilberry’s taunt. But I’m pretty sure he noticed when Rey Mauluga did it…since it was six inches away from his face:

That one cost the Bengals 15 yards. However, after Browns fans taunted them with the Manziel money sign as their bus pulled into FirstEngery Stadium yesterday, I’m sure the whole team thought it was totally worth it.

And besides, they were up 20-0 at the time.