MMA Fighter Loses His Prosthetic Eye During A Fight
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MMA Fighter Loses His Prosthetic Eye During A Fight (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Tags:  Alan Gray   Fight   MMA   Prosthetic Eye  

Loses his prosthetic eye

It’s a newsworthy story that an MMA fighter loses his prosthetic eye during a fight. It’s also a separate newsworthy story that the fighter was beginning an unregulated amateur career in MMA without any depth perception. Why add degrees of difficulty to a sport that has you getting in a cage and getting punched and kicked?  Who knows that the answer to that question is, but Alan Gray seems to have found it.

In this clip, Gray loses his prosthetic eye after getting kicked in the head. Probably a startling turn of events all around, but also probably pretty satisfying if you’re Gray’s opponent. Punch a guy in the head, eye pops out. It’s like a sign from God that you made good contact.

Here’s the clip:

Could you think of anything more traumatizing than seeing this live as a kid? Aside, of course, from having the type of parent that takes you to unregulated amateur MMA fights in Michigan, I can’t.

He wouldn’t have been approved to fight had any reputable league known about the condition. But that’s why this fight was “unregulated,” I guess. To accommodate the eye-popping.