Packers-Bills Fan Fight Breaks Out at Ralph Wilson Stadium (Video)
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Packers-Bills Fan Fight Breaks Out at Ralph Wilson Stadium (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Packers-Bills fan fight

After a hotly contested football game, a Packers-Bills fan fight broke out in the parking lot of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The fight was pretty anticlimactic, meaning no one got hurt (good), nor did anything particularly crazy happen (bad). It was interesting in that we learn that drunk football fans fight the same way we do in our dreams, taking 30 seconds to throw a very slow punch that just sort of hangs in the air.

Here’s the video via a news report on what was likely a pretty slow news day in Buffalo:

While both Packers fans and Bills fans are certainly rowdy (there isn’t much else going on in either locale in mid-December), I have to think that a Packers-Bills fan fight likely ends in handshakes, beers, pats on the back, and warm wishes. It doesn’t seem to be particularly cutthroat. Maybe the cold weather increases humanity.