A Bunch of Sacramento Kids Are Very Merry After DeMarcus Cousins Christmas Shopping Spree

demarcus cousins christmas shopping spree

Andre Johnson isn’t the only pro athlete who makes kids’ dreams come true at Christmas. Last Saturday was the third annual DeMarcus Cousins Christmas shopping spree. And while the Sacramento Kings star does it a little differently than the Houston Texans star, in the end he was equally generous.

This year, as in year’s past, Johnson took 11 Houston kids to a Toys ‘R’ Us and gave them 80 seconds to get whatever they wanted. Cousins, however, took 100 Sacramento kids to a Walmart and gave them each $200 to spend on whatever they wanted.

The former method gave more to fewer kids. The latter gave less to more. Both are extremely generous acts that give people warm fuzzy feelings around the holidays.

Here’s a video from KCRA Sacramento about Cousins’ shopping spree:

How much do you love that kid who used some of his money to get Ninja Turtles and Star Wars posters for his cousins? That kid gets it. He’s like 11 years old, and already he knows what Christmas is all about.

That seriously makes my week.

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