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Vin Scully Lost His 1988 World Series Ring at Costco…Then He Found It in a Bag of Ribs

by: Esteban On  Friday, December 19, 2014

vin scully 1988 world series ring

There is just so much to like about this story—from that fact that an 87-year-old sports legend like Vin Scully still shops at Costco, to the fact that he does it while wearing his 1988 World Series ring, to the fact that the world made sure he got his ring back almost immediately. It’s just fantastic.

Scully and his wife were doing some Christmas shopping at Costo on Thursday afternoon, like you do. When they got back out to their car, the greatest baseball announcer of all time somehow realized he had somehow lost the championship ring given to him by the Dodgers after they upset the Oakland A’s in the 1988 World Series.

So what did Vin do? Well, first he went back in and talked to somebody at Costco. But after that he called the Dodgers, who put out a Twitter blast at 5:24PM:

Nine minutes later, Vin’s 1988 World Series ring had been recovered:

Turns out Scully didn’t need Twitter to find his ring, though. His wife found it at the bottom of the plastic bag containing a huge Costo-sized slab of ribs.

The best part about this whole thing? Hearing Vin Scully describe his love for Costco in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Just check out this brilliant excerpt from Bill Plashke‘s column today:

The boutique of baseball voices loves Costco.

“There’s so much stuff there, stuff everywhere, the first couple of times I was a little intimidated,” he said. “But it’s become my home away from home.”

Sandi does the shopping, Vin works the cart.

“I’m the donkey, but I’m really very good at it, I can cut all kind of corners with that cart,” he said. “I tell Sandi, ‘Stay out of the way so I don’t run this truck over your heels!’ “‘

Their system is always the same. Sandi points to packages the approximate size of small homes, and Vin topples or shoves or simply drags them into that cart.

“We fill that sucker up, we pile that heap as high as possible,” he said.

He stacks the items so high, and cuts the corner so close, that once a fellow shopper asked him what was more exciting, going to a ballgame or Costco.

“I told him, it’s Costco, because the outcome is really in doubt,” Vin said.

Seriously, you have to read the column and imagine Scully telling the story. It’s pure gold.