New Gatorade Commercial Celebrates the Drink's 50th Anniversary
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New Gatorade Commercial Celebrates the Drink’s 50th Anniversary (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, December 29, 2014

new gatorade commercial

A new Gatorade commercial isn’t especially newsworthy on its own. If the sports drink juggernaut wants us to air their ads, they can pay us for the privilege, dammit. But this one is a little special. This new Gatorade commercial is a little sentimental and a little cool, looking back on the company’s 50 years in business.

Yup. 50 years of selling high-fructose, fluorescent-hued sports drinks to a customer base that is both athletes and schlubs alike. However, since they’re sort of marketing themselves as a sports drink, they tend to favor depictions of athletes in this ad, rather than the schlubs.

See for yourself:

Grainy, sentimental…it’s got everything. It’s like having Vince Lombardi strap you down and waterboard you with Tropical Punch flavor while Secretariat plays an electric guitar.

And somehow, for some reason, they managed to sneak a Paul George tribute in there. Really? I know he broke his leg pretty terribly, but this still seems like a bit too much notoriety.

Maybe if he breaks both legs, we can pick the conversation back up.