Adorable Young Texans Fan Swats Pass from JJ Watt, Much to JJ Watt’s Amusement (Video)

jj watt swatted by young texans fan

Nobody in the NFL terrorizes quarterbacks like JJ Watt. This year the All-Pro defensive end made history by becoming the first player ever to record two separate 20-sack seasons. However, he also possesses a preternatural ability to disrupt passing games by swatting balls (hehe) out of the air. And for that he has earned the nickname JJ Swat from Texans fans.

On Sunday, though, one young Texans fan gave JJ Watt a taste of his own medicine. Watt was being his usual gracious self, playing catch with some fans on the sidelines during pre-game warmups, when an adorable little kid in a Texans jersey totally stole the show. When Watt tossed the kid the ball, instead of catching it he swatted it down. Then he gave him the old Dikembe Mutombo finger wag.

It was absolutely hilarious, and it left Watt literally rolling on the floor and laughing.

Take a look:

Watt is already the most likeable player in the NFL. Every time he interacts with fans, he only enhances his reputation.

You gotta love it.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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