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Woman’s Soccer Star Alex Morgan Is Now Off the Market (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, January 2, 2015

Alex Morgan

Women’s soccer icon/hottie Alex Morgan is officially off the market. So pour out a little malt liquor, or coffee, if you had to work today in her honor. We now have to view her not as a hot single soccer player, but as the wife of Houston Dynamo player Servando Carrasco. Just kidding. We don’t HAVE to do anything. We can view her as a French Bulldog if we want. Ain’t nobody gonna tell us what to do just cause she gets married. 

Seriously, we wish them the best, and can’t wait to see their offspring turn into the next Ronaldo, or, because this is America, Alexi Lalas.

Here are some posted photos that document, with certainty, that you’ll never get to date her.You had your shot, and you were too cowardly to act. And now Alex Morgan is gone.