Andrew Luck Fake Snap Doesn’t Fake Out the Bengals or Anyone Else (Video)

andrew luck fake snap

While the Colts got away with a “W” in their Wild Card game, this half-sold Andrew Luck fake snap had very little to do with it. In fact, any lingering respect or fear that the Bengals felt for their opponents likely dissolved after their intelligence was insulted.

Andrew Luck has been anointed as the next big thing as far as quarterbacks go, but this useless Andrew Luck fake snap proves he’s no Dan Marino, or even Peyton Manning, when it comes to matters of deception.

Here’s the video. After you’re done with this, check the dictionary. See if “gullible” is still in it.

“Oh, stop it!”

That’s the best defense an NFL QB can come up with after the most transparent effort to draw a defense offsides comes up with nothing.

No, Andrew. YOU stop it. You stop it this very instant. Just accept your criticism and know that trying this on 4th down is very obvious. VERY obvious.

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