Rob Gronkowski Erotica Novel Now Available on Amazon

Rob Gronkowski erotica novel

If you’re looking to do more reading in 2015 and erotic tales about NFL tight ends interest you, you’re in luck.  That’s because Amazon is currently selling “A Gronking to Remember,” the first in a series of Rob Gronkowski erotica novels written by Lacey Noonan.

Does Lacey Noonan have some sort of crazy obsession over the New England Patriots’ tight end?  Or is she simply looking to cash in on what she believes to be a great publicity stunt?  I’m guessing it’s a bit of both, and the result is a 38-page novel about a woman who longs for a good, hard Gronking from Gronk himself because her husband simply isn’t getting the job done.

If this sounds like the type of literature that you’d be interested in reading, you can order the Rob Gronkowski erotica novel at Amazon here.

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