FSU Student With Cerebral Palsy Says Goodbye and Thanks to Jameis Winston (Pic)

Payton Poulin FSU

Payton Poulin, the FSU Student with Cerebral Palsy who courageously walked into the end zone with the help of the Florida State football team, was one of the many Noles fans who were disappointed to hear that Jameis Winston would be leaving them to enter the 2015 NFL Draft.  But he didn’t view the announcement as an opportunity to blast the former Heisman Trophy winner, or analyze whether or not he’ll succeed at the pro level.  Rather, he viewed it as a moment to stop and give thanks to the Seminoles’ quarterback for making him laugh and caring for him like a brother.

You can read Payton Poulin’s emotional goodbye to Jameis Winston in the image below, via Poulin’s Instagram account—awesomely named “encyclopediaoffaith”:

FSU Student with Cerebral Palsy to Jameis Winston


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