The Atlanta Hawks Hosted a Tinder-Themed “Swipe Right Night” on Wednesday (Pics)

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On Wednesday night at Philips Arena in Atlanta, the Hawks made a little history. They became the first major pro sports team to host a Tinder-themed promotion. They called it “Swipe Right Night,” and pretty much any way you look at it, the stunt was a pretty huge success.

Now, in case you don’t know what Tinder is because you’re old and lame, officially it’s a “dating” app. It shows you pictures of other Tinder users in your immediate vicinity, and you swipe right if you like them or swipe left if you don’t. The app then tells you if there’s someone nearby that you like who likes you back and, theoretically, you get together, go out on dates, get married, and live a long, happy life together.

In reality, Tinder is a hookup app. People use it to find people with whom to get busy. And by busy I mean engage in light to heavy petting and/or sexual intercourse.

So “Swipe Right Night” at the Hawks game? It was basically a giant hookup convention. Everyone was encouraged to turn on the app and scan the crowd for a match. Then, when (if) fans found a match, they could head on up to one of the “Tinder Suites,” which were filled with roses and Altoids, and knock boots.

No, j/k. There was no team-sanctioned boot-knocking at Philips Arena last night. But people did find matches on Tinder. And the whole thing was trending big on social media in Atlanta with the hashtag #SwipeRightATL.

Here are some Tweets to prove it:

Looks like it was all lots of fun. But hopefully no children were, in fact, conceived at Philips Arena. Nobody’s life story should begin in a bathroom stall at an NBA game.

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