Bill Walton Ogles Bruins Cheerleaders During UCLA-Stanford Game
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Bill Walton Ogles Bruins Cheerleaders During UCLA-Stanford Game (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, January 9, 2015
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bruins cheerleaders

The hotness of the Bruins cheerleaders are a GREAT reason to attend UCLA, according to former NBA star and current ESPN announcer Bill Walton.

During last night’s UCLA-Stanford game, the broadcast was coming back from a commercial timeout and the Bruins cheerleaders were on the court, dancin’ and doin’ their thing. Their beauty didn’t escape the attention of Bill Walton, who listed them as one of many reasons to attend the prestigious state school.

Here’s the video:


Some other great reasons to attend UCLA:

  • Legalized medical marijuana in California
  • The school is like three miles from the beach
  • The school is basically in Bel-Air
  • They’ve totally got a Jamba Juice on campus
  • It’s a very respectable second choice if you weren’t able to get into USC but still love the LA area