Yasiel Puig Promises Not To Be a Distraction via Instagram Cartoon (Pic)

Yasiel Puig

Lots of people have stuck Yasiel Puig with the distraction label. And while it’s a somewhat fair criticism (he seems to out-Manny Manny Ramirez sometimes), I think there are bigger Puig issues. Namely, his bat throwing. He’s almost killed like seven of his Dodger teammates at one time or another with his bat “flip”—I use quotes because that “flip” often results in a bat hurtling at a teammate in the on-deck circle.

However, you can technically count that as a “distraction,” so we’re on board with the criticism.

And it seems like Puig himself is too with this reposted cartoon he sent out via Instagram:

I will not be a distraction #lmao #iwillnotbeadistraction

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Not exactly the most subtle satire, but we get it. He’s doing the Bart Simpson thing. HILARIOUS! We’ve also got some pretty high-level depictions of Jeter, Cano, and “Not A-Rod.”

Yasiel Puig’s remarks in the post don’t exactly mean that Puig the person will stop being a distraction. Just that he’s amused by the cartoon. For all we know, maybe he just thinks the depiction of Kershaw’s hair is funny.

It’s just Yasiel bein’ Yasiel, is all.

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