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Julian Edelman Shirt Commemorates His TD Pass Vs. Baltimore (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Julian Edelman shirt

This Julian Edelman shirt, for sale on his website, allows Patriots fans to commemorate just one of the many trick plays that they used to defeat the Baltimore Ravens, which left John Harbaugh a little miffed in the process.

The Julian Edelman shirt is the result of a play that involved QB Tom Brady pitching the ball to Edelman, who then tossed it downfield 51 yards to Danny Amendola for a touchdown.

Obviously, considering receivers don’t throw the ball very much, this was a pretty big deal for Julian. So big that he had a shirt printed that he’s now selling on his website for $29.99.

Here’s the promotional Tweet in all its glory. Note the actual photo of him throwing in the background. Not a bad representation on that shirt, is it?:

Glorious. As if the Pats fans needed another thing to be proud of.