Twitter Said the National Championship Referee Looked Like Bob Newhart
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Twitter Thought the National Championship Referee Looked An Awful Lot Like Bob Newhart

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 13, 2015

national championship referee bob newhart doppelganger

The man you see in the image above was the referee for Monday night’s CFP Championship Game. I don’t know his name, so let’s just call him Frank.

So, does Frank the National Championship referee look familiar to you at all? Like, does he maybe resemble Bob Newhart, the comedic actor known for his 1970s eponymous sitcom…or, more recently, for his role as Papa Elf, Master Tinker, in 2003′s Elf?

Well, Twitter certainly thought Frank the National Championship referee looked like Bob Newhart. It didn’t exactly trend, since nobody came up with a catchy hashtag. But there were definitely a lot of people (some of them famous) making the connection and tweeting about it.

But the best tweet related to the National Championship referee-Bob Newhart resemblance? That came from Bob Newhart himself.

Well done, Mr. Newhart.

Hat Tip – [Oregon Live]