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Wade Boggs Told Charlie Day He Drank 107 Beers in One Day (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 13, 2015

wade boggs charlie day 107 beers

Wade Boggs was a great baseball player. But he is an even better urban legend.

You see, Boggs was apparently a pretty heavy drinker during his playing days, and he got pretty famous for the amount of beer he would consume when the Red Sox had to catch a flight to the west coast. But of course, as is often the case with these types of stories, the numbers seem to increase with every passing decade.

At first people said he would drink 30 beers during a flight—which is 2.8 gallons, or 10.6 liters. And it might be possible for a human male with a high metabolism to drink that much in a single day without dying. But then people started saying it was 40 beers. Then 50. And that’s pretty ridiculous, because 50 beers is 4.7 gallons, or 17.7 liters.

Ridiculous though the legend may be, it’s kind of awesome in a “haha he’s probably an alcoholic” sort of way. But why do I bring all this up?

I bring it up because the Season 10 premier of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia features Charlie and the gang trying to break Boggs’s record during a cross country flight. What’s more, they actually got Boggs himself to make a cameo, and during filming, Boggs pulled star Charlie Day aside and told him a little secret.

It wasn’t actually 50 beers. It was 107.

Day told the story to Jimmy Fallon last night. Take a look:

In case you’re wondering, 107 beers is 10 gallons, or 38 liters.

Obviously, Boggs likes being an urban legend.

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