Jeff Gordon Racing a Tricycle at the Wizards Game? Sure, Okay
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Jeff Gordon Racing a Tricycle at the Washington Wizards Game? Sure, Okay (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 14, 2015

jeff gordon racing a tricycle (jeff gordon tricycle race)

If you’ve always wanted to see NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon racing a tricycle during halftime at an NBA game, you have very specific tastes. But, also, you are in luck. That’s exactly what we have for you here.

Last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, the Wizards beat the defending champion San Antonio Spurs by a score of 101-93. However, that wasn’t the only treat they had for fans in attendance. Jeff Gordon was at the game for some reason, and at halftime they brought him down onto the court to take part in a tricycle race.

Of course, these weren’t ordinary tricycles. These were specially designed adult-sized BMX trikes with fat monster truck wheels.

So who won? Jeff Gordon, obviously. I would venture to guess that this was probably the first time he’s ridden a tricycle in his adult life. However, all his years behind the wheel of a stock car have taught the guy how to corner, so his opponent was absolutely no match.

Take a look:

On a somewhat unrelated note, I bet a bunch of hipster put their tricycles on Craigslist and are now in the market for unicycles.