Kentucky Cheerleader Dances with Dick Vitale after Blowout (Video)

Kentucky cheerleader

The Kentucky Wildcats’ blowout (86-37) of Missouri had a lot of fans dancing, but none seemed to be more excited than Dick Vitale. And no one pretended to be more excited than this poor Kentucky cheerleader, who had to dance with Dick Vitale. Yikes.

Why is Dick Vitale so fired up about a Kentucky blowout? I have no idea. Maybe he hates Duke. Or Missouri. Or maybe this was all part of a scam he devised in order to dance with this cheerleader.

Here’s the video. May it haunt your dreams the same way I’m sure it has haunted this Kentucky cheerleader. Watch if you dare:

Oh, man. Is he even trying to dance? It’s gotta be rough being that Kentucky cheerleader. She’s the real MVP. Nike could do a series of inspirational ads just based on this 10-second clip.

“Impossible is nothing. I once danced with Dick Vitale.”

God help her. She’s a real team player. And careful with your hands when you’re dancing, Dick. You’ll take out someone’s eye.

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