The Bills Rolled Out the Red Carpet for Rex Ryan on Tuesday (Pics)
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The Bills Rolled Out the Red Carpet for Rex Ryan on Tuesday, and by Red Carpet We Mean Beer and Pizza (Pics)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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jim kelly takes rex ryan out for beers

The Buffalo Bills did not formally introduce Rex Ryan as their new coach on Tuesday. However, they did roll out the red carpet to unofficially welcome him to Buffalo.

Of course, Buffalo is a blue-collar town. There, rolling out the red carpet means pizza, beer, and hockey. But that’s actually perfect. Rex Ryan loves pizza, beer, and hockey.

First, the pizza, which had “Welcome Rex” written on it:

In case you’re wondering, the letters are apparently made from spinach and ricotta that were dyed blue and red…which still sounds disgusting.

Next came hockey. Rex and some of the assistant coaches from the New York Jets—including Dennis Thurman, who was later confirmed as the new DC of the Bills—took in a Sabres game from a luxury box:

As you can see, Rex was already sporting a Sabres jacket and hat, which was hardly surprising. What was surprising was that he wasn’t wearing a Sabres jersey.

Last came the beer. Bills legend Jim Kelly took Rex out for beers at the Big Tree Inn, a sports bar around the corner from Ralph Wilson Stadium that’s a Buffalo institution. Kelly’s wife posted the photos on Instagram:

When I first heard the Bills were looking at Rex Ryan, I thought they were insane. However, now I realize that this is actually a match made in heaven.

Godspeed, Buffalo.

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