Colts Shirt Responds by Showing a Horse Trampling Tom Brady (Pic)

Colts shirt

After Tom Brady‘s Facebook post, a Colts shirt has been created that puts the shoe on the other foot.

That is to say, rather than have the Patriots QB riding a bucking horse, this Colts-friendly t-shirt shows a horse stomping Tom Brady. Possibly to death. Fun!

You can tell it’s the later rounds of the playoffs because a simple Facebook post by a quarterback is considered “trolling,” and now we’re writing about a shirt that’s a response to the trolling.

Here’s the original image Brady posted:


And here’s the Colts shirt that was made in response¬†to the trolling (which you can buy here for $26). Take a look:


Hmm. Maybe they could have found a shirt model without an intricate dragon tattoo. Or maybe those are too common in Indy to avoid.

In any event, while I said in the headline that the image is the horse trampling Tom Brady, I realize that it doesn’t exactly show Brady’s face on the Colts shirt. But come on. He was riding the horse in the first image, and now he’s on the ground. And he’s even got that obnoxious short ponytail from a few years ago. I choose to believe it’s Brady. And I’m guessing most Colts fans will, too.

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