This Intense Female Arm Wrestler Might Eat Your Soul (Video)

female arm wrestler is intense

There are many words one could use to describe the female arm wrestler in the video you are about to watch. However, after considering insane, disturbing, and terrifying, I finally settled on intense. It’s accurate, because she is intense. But it’s also a bit understated, because you can’t chalk all of her screaming and grunting and death stares up to intensity alone.

But enough introduction. Just watch this video and come up with your own word to describe said female arm wrestler:

Holy f**king sh*t, right?

Now, in case you were wondering, this little arm wrestling contest is from something called the Ultimate Armwrestling League, or UAL for short. The UAL’s website is a little short on details about their history, but it seems they’ve been around for a few years and are trying to get a reality TV show off the ground.

You can take a look at the “pilot” episode. Notice who appears at the 0:37 mark:

That’s right. It’s intense female arm wrestler! Something tells me she might just be affecting that intensity for the cameras.

She’s still pretty hilarious, though.

Hat Tip – [Sportsgrid]

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