Lamborghini Crash Teaches You To Keep It Under 200 MPH on Highways (Video)

Lamborghini crash

It’s not often you get to see video of a Lamborghini crash at over 200 MPH on a public road. It’s a damn miracle that you get to see this footage of such a Lamborghini crash in which no one died. This footage just surfaced from Hungary last September, but it’s worth visiting a little late.

This guy was going up to 208 MPH on a highway until he bounced off the inside guardrail, at which point all hell broke loose.

The footage isn’t the best in that the camera’s not actually pointing at the road, but you get a sense of what goes on in the cockpit of a sports car when 200 MPH quickly becomes 0 MPH. It’s not graphic, and it may help to know that no one died, so perhaps you can enjoy this a little more with the whole “Faces of Death” aspect to it.

Here’s the incident. Buckle up:

Just because you CAN go 200 MPH in your really fast car doesn’t mean that you’re any more likely to live through such a dumb act. HOW ARE THESE GUYS ALIVE?

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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