Ref Winks at Blackhawks, Pisses Off Predators Coach Peter Laviolette
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Ref Winks at Blackhawks Bench, Pisses Off Predators Coach Peter Laviolette (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, January 19, 2015

Ref winks at Blackhawks, Peter Laviolette mad

Peter Laviolette, head coach of the Nashville Predators, isn’t going to sit by as a ref winks at his opponents’ bench.

We learned this fun fact thanks to a show called Beneath the Ice, which is a local reality show that follows the Predators’ season. In this clip, taken from a December 29th game against the Blackhawks, we see Laviolette go kind of ballistic after a ref winks at Blackhawks players on the bench.

Did the ref actually wink? Did Laviolette actually see it?

Who know. But I would be pretty pisses if I saw that, too. However, is it even possible for a ref to do that and not have it caught on camera? Maybe, but it’s unlikely.

Watch the clip and feel the wrath of Peter Laviolette:

I find it unlikely that someone would make that up. And I doubt that a coach would say “everyone” saw it without some corroboration.

That doesn’t mean it was sinister, though. Referee Kevin Pollock was likely just flirting with a cute player or two. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Makes me sick.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]