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Minnesota Fan Trolls Packers Fans During Wild-Blue Jackets Game (Tweet)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Tags:  Blue Jackets   Minnesota Wild   NFL   Packers  

Minnesota fan

A Minnesota fan made a hilariously lo-fi sign to troll grieving Packers fans during an NHL game last night. The rivalry between the Vikings and Packers, though fairly one-sided throughout history, is still contentious enough that this guy thought he should rub a little salt on the Packers fans’ wounds during a Minnesota Wild – Columbus Blue Jackets game last night.

The sign succinctly says, “Hahahaha Packers fans.” Brilliant.

The Minnesota fan also looks like he’s just been let out of a dark cage after six months. His eyes are closed and he doesn’t totally appear to understand what’s going on. And the guy to his right…Well, I don’t know what to say about that guy. He’s a little obscured by the glare in the glass, but he looks REALLY sketchy. I’m guessing these two guys came together. They were probably tailgating a few hours before the game, pounding antifreeze and snorting NO-DOZE in the parking lot.

I mean, these guys look really on edge. Take a look at this Tweet:

I love the text in the Tweet. “Gotta respect this Minnesota Wild fan.”

Nope. I don’t have to respect this guy at all.