Angry Hockey Dad Takes Things a Little Too Far, Smashes the Glass (Videos)

Angry hockey dad

Set aside thirty seconds to watch this video of an angry hockey dad voicing his displeasure with a call made on the ice. Seriously, don’t even read my dumb recap. If time is a factor, just go straight to the video.

I’ll understand. These kids, who appear to be somewhere between the ages of “embryo” and “toddler,” are out there, playing some hockey and just doing what kids do. But then some tightly wound adult, whose life didn’t go quite the way he hadĀ hoped, went and ruinedĀ it for everyone.

We’ll call the angry hockey dad in question, “Paul.” Look at how Paul f*cks everything up because Paul sucks so much. PLEASE watch:

In case you want to get a little closer to the action:

Congratulations on all that strength. Also it sounds like the guy who laments, “Way to go, Paul,” is kind of used to this behavior.

Congratulations, Paul. You ruined a Pee-Wee hockey game because of your anger issues. I guess, seeing as how it’s 10 AM on a Saturday and all, it’s time for you to drink 8 beers and yell at your lawn mower.

Classic Paul.

I really can’t blame Cynthia for leaving him.

Hat Tip – [NextImpulseSports]

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