Colts Mascot Beats Patriots Mascot With Inflatable Chair at Pro Bowl (Video)

Colts mascot beats patriots mascot with inflatable chair

No one should be more upset about the whole DefalteGate thing than the Indianapolis Colts. They were the team that lost the AFC Championship Game to the Patriots by a score of 45-7.

The players and coaches on the Cots will have to wait until next year to get their shot at exacting some revenge, but one member of the organization was able to get himself some early retribution on the Pats. Specifically, it was the Colts mascot, Blue, who was able to ambush the Patriots’ mascot and beat him with an inflatable chair during a game of musical chairs at the Pro Bowl.

It was an incident that must have terrified every kid in attendance while putting a smile on the faces of Colts fans everywhere. Check it out:

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