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No One Hated the NFL Pro Bowl More than ESPN’s Chris Berman (Videos)

by: Esteban On  Monday, January 26, 2015
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chris berman hates pro bowl

The Pro Bowl is really stupid. Everybody knows this. But for the “journalists” who have to cover the “game,” it’s got to be especially painful this year. While they were “stuck” in Arizona all weekend, some of their colleagues were back at home covering the important” deflategate issue, asking tough, probing questions about the firmness of Tom Brady’s balls.

Nobody was more unhappy to be covering the Pro Bowl than Chris Berman. The ESPN stalwart was visibly annoyed at several points during his network’s Pro Bowl coverage on Sunday. It’s unclear whether he just hated the hoopla going on around him, whether he was frustrated with ESPN’s technical difficulties, or both. But the aggravation was palpable.

Here he is closing his eyes and shaking his head (thinking he’s off the air) after finishing one segment:

And here he is closing his eyes and rolling his head while waiting for somebody to throw it back to him in another segment:

In both cases, it’s obvious that Berman just does not want to be there. And frankly, who could blame him? We didn’t want to be there, either.

Hang in there, Chris. Tom Brady’s balls will still be there when you get back.