Canadiens Goalie Carey Price Totally Burns Phil Kessel and the Leafs
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Canadiens Goalie Carey Price Totally Burns Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 27, 2015

carey price burns phil kessel and maples leafs

In case you haven’t heard, the Toronto Maples Leafs are having a little PR crisis this year. The richest, most valuable hockey team in the world just cannot put a respectable product out on the ice. Thus, the fans who foot the bill are getting fed up and throwing Leafs jerseys onto the ice during games.

Why do I bring this up? As context for the behind-the-scenes footage from last weekend’s NHL All-Star festivities in Columbus. Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price sees a Maples Leafs fan walking down the steet in a Phil Kessel jersey and cracks a pretty great joke.

Take a look:

The best part about this video is the short pause after Carey Price points out the Phil Kessel sweater. It’s like he thought of the joke right away, debated for a moment whether he should say it, and then decided, yeah, it’s too good to pass up.

I do kinda feel bad for Phil Kessel, though. It sucks to be a Maple Leaf right now. If he’s lucky, the Leafs will decide to trade Kessel to a good team and suck with a whole new group of players for a while.

Hat Tip – [SportsNet]