Female Rugby Player Tianna Camous (“KO”) Tackles Like a Wrecking Ball (Video)

female rugby player

You may not know Lindenwood University in Missouri, or a single female rugby player on their team, but all that might change with this hit compilation video of Tianna Camous, better known as “KO.”

Listen to me when I say that this girl can hit, as this video demonstrates. And she has no problem taking down opponents that are far bigger than her.

She does it with technique that would make her the envy of every linebacker coach in the NFL. Get low, head up, legs moving, explosive. She really knows what she’s doing.

Take a look:

The video also answers the question, “Can you use some dirty hip-hop in a female rugby player’s hit compilation tape?”

Yup. If the player hits like Tianna Camous you can. You can use whatever you want.

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