Key & Peele Drop “East/West Bowl 3” Making Fun of Football Names, and It Is Amazing (Video)

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Over the last few years, Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, has become the funniest sketch comedy show on television. (Sorry, SNL.) And one of their best recurring sketches is “East/West Bowl,” a parody of the player introductions you see during football games that makes fun of the many ridiculous names you see in football these days.

The first “East/West Bowl” skit came out two years ago, and it was followed by “East/West Bowl 2” last year. Now, with Super Bowl XLIX just days away, Key & Peele have dropped “East/West Bowl 3 – Pro Edition.” And as you might be able to guess from the title, in addition to the usual bevy of madeup players, this one features a number of real professional football players with ridiculous names—players such as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Leger Douzable, D’Brichashaw Ferguson, Cornellius “Tank” Carradine, Prince Amukamara, Fozzy Whittaker, Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, and Frostee Rucker.

Oh, and there was one more cameo by a real player. But I’m not going to spoil that for you. Just take a look:

I don’t know about you, but as I watched that I found myself thinking, if they don’t have Aaron Rodgers do “A.A. Ron Rodgers,” there’s really no point to any of this. Thankfully Key & Peele came through for me.

Don’t understand why the Rodgers cameo was so funny? You need to watch this right now:

Yeah. Awesome. I don’t know how they’ll top this with “East/West Bowl 4,” but they’ve got a whole year to figure it out. I’m sure they’ll come up with something.


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