DeMarcus Cousins Trolls Critical Reporter from Five Years Ago (Tweets)

DeMarcus Cousins

As much as the media (this site included) makes a meal out of athlete indiscretions, it’s nice to see a player prove everyone wrong. And while Demarcus Cousins may not have been the most wayward player to enter the NBA, there was at least one critical guy who’s getting his comeuppance. Five years ago, to the day, a reporter named Clay Travis guaranteed that DeMarcus Cousins would be arrested. The screencap of the old Tweet is above.

Today, five years later, DeMarcus had something to say:

And then Travis responded with this:

Some folks are up in arms that Travis hasn’t apologized. Whatever. He made a prediction that didn’t pan out. It may have been inappropriate, but their doesn’t seem to be any bad blood, and if Cousins is cool, I don’t understand why everyone else is so upset. 

Kind of a nice story, surprisingly. 

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