Devon Still and Daughter Write Children's Book for Kids Fighting Cancer
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Devon Still and Daughter Leah Write Children’s Book for Kids Fighting Cancer (Pics)

by: Esteban On  Friday, January 30, 2015

devon still daughter leah childrens book

There were a lot of NFL players whose off-field activities got them in trouble this season. However, there were a few stories that did not enrage the general public. And one of these was the moving story of Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still and his daughter, Leah Still.

Leah was diagnosed with stage 5 neuroblastoma last June, which took her dad’s attention away from football in the lead-up to training camp. However, rather than cut Still from their roster altogether, the Bengals signed him to their practice squad so he’d keep his health insurance and paycheck. Then they announced that proceeds from the sale of #75 Devon Still Bengals jerseys would go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and children’s pediatric cancer research. And with help from other teams around the league, that has generated an astounding $1.4 million.

Sadly, Leah is still battling cancer. Her most recent round of radiation did not work as intended, so she’ll soon begin another round of chemotherapy that doctors hope will shrink the disease enough for her to begin stem cell therapy.

However, through all this, Leah and her parents have stayed strong, and their messages of hope and faith have served as inspiration for other families facing similar situations.

Now, in response to all the requests for advice Leah and her family have received from people around the world, she and her dad have written a children’s book for kids battling cancer. It’s called I Am Leah Strong.

i am leah strong devon still daughter writes childrens book 1

The book will be available for purchase at at the end of February.

Looks like a must-read to me.

Big tip of the hat to For the Win for this great story.