UMass Player Trey Davis Gets His Bell Rung on a Brutal Screen (Video)

Trey Davis

When you think “college basketball,” you don’t exactly think “big hits.” Try telling that to guard Trey Davis of UMass, who got floored by a screen from a Dayton player as he ran the length of the court. Sometimes, your mind is just elsewhere. Trey Davis was running right at the pick, and while he was looking towards the center of the court a little, 9 times out of 10, you see that pick coming and avoid it.

This was the 10th time. Take a look at the carnage:

I love how the announcer undersells the play as a “big-time screen,” whatever that means. When a player is on the floor, his only movement vague twitching, I think the play goes beyond “big time.”

Reports are that Davis is “OK” after the incident. Note they didn’t say he was “great.” Just “OK.”

Don’t worry. Getting floored is a proud UMass tradition.

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