The Single Handed Catch Record by Odell Beckham Has Been Broken
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The Single Handed Catch Record by Odell Beckham Has Been Broken (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Saturday, January 31, 2015

Single handed catchIf you’re going to set a really obscure record really publicly, make sure you ANNIHILATE it, because lots of people will see it and go after it. Immediately. Which is why it’s with a heavy heart that I must inform everyone that Odell Beckham‘s single handed catch record has been beat just days after it was set. Who was the challenger?

Surely, it’s someone like Calvin Johnson, or Dez Bryant. Steve Smith? ROB GRONKOWSKI?

Nope. It wasn’t anyone you know unless you’re really up on your Iowa football. It was Hawkeyes football player Tevaun Smith. Yup. Odell Beckham’s single handed catch record was beaten by Tevaun Smith. Smith got 41 snags in a minute, over Beckham’s 31.

Watch the video:

Jesus, guys. If you’re going to document a record, at least use landscape mode. I know Iowa isn’t exactly Silicon Valley, but come on.

Anyway, I’m sure this will go viral, then some high school player will break the record after 600 tries. Then some player will be engineered to have three arms, and he’ll have the record. Then the planet will flood from global warming, and that will be it.

At least Beckham will always have this.