This Tom Brady Autotune About DeflateGate Puts T-Pain to Shame (Video)

Tom Brady autotuneWelp, the Super Bowl’s tomorrow. Which means we only have like 30 more hours to joke about DeflateGate before absolutely everyone stops caring. We better hurry. Fortunately, you don’t have to care about deflated balls to enjoy this wonderful piece of art that has Tom Brady singing about balls for two minutes.

This remix of his press conference features a Tom Brady autotune that will make you laugh, and it’s moving enough that it might even make you cry. Of course, it’s not perfect. They weren’t able to put in Bill Belichick to make random Lil’ Jon noises, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the remix of the remix to do that.


How can this Tom Brady autotune so dumb be so great? I don’t know, but let’s soak all this madness in while we still can. Come next week, people won’t even remember what DeflateGate was or who Tom Brady is*.

*I might be wrong about that second part.

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