Super Bowl XLIX Brawl Closes Night (Video)
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Super Bowl XLIX Brawl Closes Night (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Brawl

It’s been said many times before this, but I guess it bears repeating – there’s never any reason to get into a fight during a professional football game. That’s especially true during the Super Bowl, when pretty much everyone in the world is watching, but that didn’t stop a huge Super Bowl XLIX brawl between the Patriots and the Seahawks from being the last thing a lot of people saw on their TVs on Sunday night.

Tensions were running understandably high on Seattle’s end, since they’d basically just thrown the game away with a horrible play that ended with an interception by the Patriots. And it was Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin that was found to be the chief instigator of the fight, and who was ejected from the game for his actions.

You can see the whole thing play out in Vine-serial form below, from the beginning of the fight to its escalation to what will officially be known as the Super Bowl XLIX Brawl, or something similar (I don’t get to decide these things).

Here’s the first video:

Followed by video #2:

Video #3:

And finally, video #4: