Uzbeskitanis Beat The Hell Out of S. Korean Players In Soccer Brawl
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Uzbekistanis Beat The Hell Out of S. Korean Players In a Soccer Brawl (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, February 4, 2015

soccer brawl

A soccer brawl erupted on two separate occasions between U22 players from Uzbekistan and South Korea. And, like most soccer brawls, the result wasn’t pretty. We’ve got video of the violence, which took place at the King’s Cup in Thailand.

It all started when a challenge for a ball ended in a VERY high kick to the head, leaving a South Korean player down for the count. If that wasn’t bad enough, another innocuous challenge by a South Korean player ended with that player getting punched, rapid-fire style, in the head.

These Uzbekistan reps are kind of jerks, now aren’t they?

Here’s the video:

Not very sporting of them, now was it? Hopefully, since they’re U22, they’ll grow up, but old habits die hard, and it’s likely this is just a dirty team if two such instances can break out.