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Aaron Hernandez Lawyer Makes DeflateGate Joke, Pisses Off Judge

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, February 6, 2015
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Aaron Hernandez

I’m no lawyer, but maybe, if you’re representing a very famous client charged with killing a bunch of people (just one in this particular case, but…come on), maybe you don’t make football jokes in the courtroom. Also, circumstances aside, maybe just don’t make DeflateGate jokes, period? I mean, that happened like fourteen years ago in Internet time.

Anyway, Aaron Hernandez is on trial for his life, people are dead, and his lawyer, James Sultan, was questioning a state trooper when he asked if he had ever gotten, “training in football deflation devices.” UGH. So dumb.

Fortunately, the judge thought the same thing and publicly shamed Sultan in the court. I mean, it would be one thing if the joke was funny, but that’s just lazy and cheap. In other words, I think we can all sleep soundly knowing that Aaron Hernandez is getting the representation he deserves.

A senseless joke for a senseless trial. It almost makes you miss the NFL season.

Ok. We don’t miss it yet.